Advancing Academic and Professional Skills 
Welcome to the Developing Academic and Professional Skills strand. 
The modern job market is very competitive, and in order to have an advantage over your peers throughout your career you need to stand out from the crowd. This strand will aim to provide you with the tools necessary to maximise your potential both academically and professionally. It also aims to empower you with the necessary skills and confidence to conceivably conquer academic and professional challenges that you may encounter on your journey through life. 
This strand consists of two three hour workshops: 
Workshop One: 
Developing the Higher Intellectual Skills Required for Advanced Academic and Professional Practice 
Workshop Two: 
Developing Effective Reflective Practice 
It is strongly advised that you engage with both workshops and attend workshop One first as they follow on from one another. 

Strand Objectives On engagement with the strand you will be able to: 

Understand the complexity of information retrieval skills needed to underpin professional practice and development. 
Use the understanding gained on information and information retrieval to understand differing types of evidence and how to use them effectively in evidence based practice. 
Recognise your own strengths in your work and be able to apply them to professional writing for potential publication. 
Use the skills on critical analysis to question practice and challenge assumptions leading to higher quality practice. 
Be the effective reflective practitioner you need to be to keep yourself healthy and emotionally well within your area of professional practice. 
Understand the requirements needed for the development of heightened levels of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 
Use reflection and emotional intelligence to develop your skills as a professional and keep you safe in your practice. 
Understand Socratic dialogue and its application to reflection and critical analysis. 
This is a unique experience and not one you will find within your normal teaching. These sessions are only offered through the HARS Scheme engagement and attendance of both workshops on this strand also provides you with a copy of a new book on reflection and reflective practice, authored by one of our lecturers here in the faculty of Health Education and Life Sciences. 


"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." 
Franklin D. Roosevelt