Posts from November 2018

I walked up to the grand entrance of the Hubb in Edinburgh, the enormous glass doors were held open by two beautifully dressed gents in their penguin tailed suits. The hallway ahead of me was lit up with the most stunning colour yellow that hit off each stone on the walls in such a way that made you think 'wow!' There were big church windows in the reception room that really finished off the setting for such a perfect evening. 
I had arrived... I was at the Collaborative awards for teaching excellence. 
As a speech and language therapy student we learn about a range of different communication difficulties and disorders, but for me Selective Mutism struck a chord. This is a developmental disorder whereby children speak freely to only a small number of people with whom they feel comfortable, in familiar situations or circumstances. This is an anxiety issue, where most commonly they speak to family in their home but don’t speak at school. This condition, if not treated can continue into adulthood. 
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