This scheme is for second and third year students 


If you would like to refer yourself, or your personal tutor has suggested you apply, please complete this form. We would invite you to share with us why you think you are suitable to become part of HARS and what you hope to achieve from becoming part of the scheme. 

Invitation criteria 

There are two key sets of criteria applied to your end of year results which determine who will be invited. Invitations are sent to all students identified as achieving a high year grade average, or to those who have significantly improved their academic performance since applying to join the university. 
Hear from our HARS students and Alumni 
Below are a collection of quotes and testimonials which we are delighted to share with you so you can hear from our students about how being part of HARS has benefitted them. 
I was really inspired today and I feel so excited to be part of this, thank you. 
LS, HARS student 
I am so impressed with all the [HARS] things being put in place by BCU, it’s such an honour. 
MD, @HARSbcu 
BCU [HARS] have exceeded all of my expectations…. none of us knew what to expect…every single one of us was blown away. 
CC, @HARSbcu 
Hi, I’m Katie. I have most enjoyed working closely and collaboratively with other HARS members on team projects as well as getting to know them personally and learning more about their area of study, this has been an unexpected and additional benefit of joining the HARS scheme. From this I have learned additional skills from other disciplines outside of nursing as well as making new friendships that may not have happened had I not joined HARS. I have also thoroughly enjoyed learning more about myself through tailored coaching sessions and the personality profile that is built into the scheme. 
Something I have learnt and taken into practice are the leadership skills I have developed from being involved in HARS. This includes developing my assertiveness, confidence and most importantly my all round communication skills. I now no longer have the fear of authority that I once did which has helped me immensely both personally and professionally. 
I have learnt about myself that I am more capable than I think. This is one of the reasons why HARS is a great asset to BCU. HARS helped me to recognise my own attributes and capabilities, but also helped me to identify some of the things that had been holding me back. 
I signed up for HARS because it came extremely highly recommended from a previous HARS scholar who had expressed how much it had helped their own development. 
What I gained from HARS was much more than I expected. I not only developed skills that have aided and guided me professionally, but I also feel I have genuinely developed personally and gained a much greater and deeper sense of self. I attribute much of this to the HARS programme itself and so I am extremely grateful for their support over the past 2 years. 
HARS student 
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